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 Sat May 23rd - Chicago, IL 



Paul Carrigan workingout at nude gym and posing with hard cock and hairy pubes

Paul Carrigan workingout at nude gym and posing with hard cock and hairy pubes

flexing his huge biceps lifting dumbbells while bent over the benchpress

flexing his huge biceps lifting dumbbells while bent over the benchpress

rearview shots of his great ass and hugeballs hanging down while workinout nude

rearview shots of his great ass and hugeballs hanging down while workinout nude

lateral weight lifting on incline benchpress burning those biceps!

lateral weight lifting on incline benchpress burning those biceps!

cock standing errect while being stroked by daddybear Paul

cock standing errect while being stroked by daddybear Paul

Paul getting cocksucked in shower by monster huge muscledaddy

Paul getting cocksucked in shower by monster huge muscledaddy


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Black Hunks With White Punks by Bacchus Releasing
Company We Keep by Catalina Video
Dad Knows Best by Bacchus Releasing
Daddy's Buddies by Bacchus Releasing
Damnation-Hell In Leather by All Worlds Video
Demolition Daddy by Big Blue Productions
Dirty Jobs by Unzipped Video
Doing My Best Friend's Father by Bacchus Releasing
Frat House by Bacchus Releasing
Freshmen Recruits by Regiment Productions
GoodFellas, BadFellas by Pacific Sun Ent
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Director PAUL BARRESI Breaks all the rules By reinventing the AWESOME appeal of CAMERA-CLOSE COCKSUCKING for a New generation of oral-orgy connoisseurs. And in the process, delivers the HOTTEST blow-job EPIC of the year. Unrehearsed, unedited and strictly uninhibited, STRAIGHT COCKSUCKERS is UNPRECEDENTED DOCU-SEX film making at its pud-pounding best. With cutting-edge, Multi-camera videography (featuring double-angle CUM SHOT coverage), SCORCHING action and a CROTCH-CHURNING CAST of hard, HORSE-HUNG hunks, STRAIGHT COCKSUCKERS is INTERACTIVE oral sex presented in the bold BARRESI style. Up-close. IN-YOUR-FACE. No phony Plots. No fast-forward filler. Just 100% straight-ahead JAW STUFFIN' SEX from EIGHT of the horniest And HOTTEST STUDS around...SUCKING, RIMMING and CUMMING. Get Ready to STROKE!

Marc Brody man-rams Matthew Easton with his big uncut cock on the stairs. Paul Carrigan and Jordon Young takes turns sucking each other. Joe Kent gets it good from Sam Crockett in the shower. Sean Dickson and Bryan Kidd in the living room. Kyle Hunter rides Jake Taylor's huge man-pole. Directed by Taylor Hudson.

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These hot and horny dads are more than willing to show these young and hung studs the world of man-to-man sex!
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Dad keeps a diary of his sexual encounters with his hot buddies.
His son reads the diary and has to do DADDY'S BUDDIES too...
Like father like son!

A Video Review by Butch Harris

*** Highly Recommended ***

Who's your daddy?

Well, after watching "Demolition Daddy," I would have to say that the answer to that question would most definitely be Paul Carrigan!

"Demolition Daddy" is former porn star Blue Blake's directorial debut, and it is an impressive one. Mr. Blake also served as the producer and writer of this spectacularly twisted video with a storyline that includes murder, double identity, INTERPOL agents and rape. Yikes! All this, and some damn good sex, too. The video begins with hunky musclestud Joshua Scott taking a shower in a very well-lit and nicely-appointed bathroom with a spacious shower. This is all a lead-in to the arrival of one of my favorite porn stars (Paul Carrigan) but it's a nice sequence with close-ups aplenty of Joshua's big muscles and big cock. Soon enough, Paul joins Joshua for a wet and wild time under the showerhead. They passionately kiss and Joshua then goes down on Paul's thick meat before taking a licking to his partner's ample ass. Paul then chows down on Joshua's cock before bending him over to fuck him. They finish up with Paul seated on the toilet and Joshua seated on Paul's cock before spraying the tiled floor with their loads.

During a post-fuck chat in the tub with Paul (who, based on the introduction, must have been a pick-up), Joshua offers to drop Paul off as he has an appointment with Demolition Dan (Steve Hurley) to pick up some money. During a call made from the tub, Joshua explains to Steve that he is quite disappointed with the progress of the construction work and has decided to fire him and demands the return of his deposit money (we later learn that Steve, during a conversation with Chad Johnson, does not have the money and has no plans to make good on Joshua's demands). Paul explains to Joshua that he has nowhere to go and had planned to stay at Joshua's house indefinitely. Joshua gets a little prissy with Paul so Paul drowns Joshua in the big tub. Splish, splash!

The plot thickens. Paul steals Joshua's nice car and drives over to the construction site to meet with Steve Hurley to get the money back (Paul is now playing Joshua's character).

At any rate, the next scene involves horny Steve "TitPig" Hurley watching a video of Gage Blake in his construction site trailer. Gage Blake, as you may recall, is supposedly Blue Blake's real-life brother, a tall, muscular and Prince-Alberted man with a light coating of chest and tummy fur. In the video within a video, Gage is working out in a gym, then he starts to really workout by jacking off on the benches and staring at himself in the facility's many mirrors. It's great to see Gage again as he's looking as handsome and buff as ever. Before long, he shoots his load and our worksite buddy, Steve, does too.

He still wants more, so a now keyed-up Steve, ready for a little trailer fun abducts the paperboy, Hans Ebson. Steve forces cutie-patootie Hans to his knees to suck his cock. Steve then rims Hans' tight little hole before pounding a forceful fuck into him. Afterwards, Steve literally tosses Hans out of the trailer and onto the dirty ground outside.

A traumatized Hans runs to a nearby house to call the police and is greeted by a neighborly doctor played by Rich Raines. Dr. Raines explains that he's concerned and would like to examine Hans' just-raped hole to determine whether or not any serious damage has been done. Midway through the examination, however, the proctologist is sticking his tongue down Hans' chute to measure his reaction -- for medical reasons, of course. Rich flips the patient over to give him an oral examination as well, inhaling the young man's stiff cock with the precision of a brain surgeon. In an effort to prove his recovery, Hans takes Rich's big cock in his mouth (Rich also has nice hairy nuts). This test must prove that Hans has a very flexible jaw as Rich's cock is a real jaw-stretcher. Rich decides that Hans has passed the exam with flying colors, but, just to be sure, he decides he needs an injection of "medicine." Hans feigns soreness initially, then gives in and enjoys the doctor's good medicine. Hans takes his medicine doggy-style then squats down on it for maximum injection. Both men shoot nice loads and a recovered and a no-longer-traumatized Hans is sent on his merry way.

The next scene is a solo by the smooth-bodied Ryan Steele. Ryan is a cute enough guy with a nice enough dick and he jacks off to a nudie magazine and then we return to the rest of the video.
Cut to: Paul discussing the return of the deposit money with a pissed-off Steve. Steve tells him to take a look around the construction site as he is still working on getting the deposit money together. As Paul roams around, Mason Jarr spills the beans to Steve that Paul is not Joshua. Steve, Chad and Mason confront Paul letting him know that his cover has been blown and that they want to be blown. Tough talking Steve says that they will turn him over to the police after they've had their way with him. This, of course, leads to a four-way with Paul, Steve, Chad and Mason. Paul -- in a buffalo stance -- is forced to rim Mason's pink hole while Chad rims him. Boss man Steve nudges Chad out of the way and really goes to town on Paul's cheeky ass, rimming him with gusto. Still bent over, Paul is now sucking Mason's cock while Steve is fucking him from behind. Next, Paul is on his back, legs in the air, as Steve plows into him while Paul laps at Mason's hole (Mason is squatting over Paul's face while Chad is sucking the hell out of Mason's cock). The men then pair off. Mason fucks Paul, and, across the room atop a scaffold, Steve is having a ball sucking Chad's long dick and licking on his low-hanging balls. The scene ends with Steve, Mason and Chad dumping their loads on Paul's tummy before he tosses off a load of his own.

The end?

Not quite. Paul has now assumed Steve's identity and the video ends with Paul meeting with Blue Blake and Dash Rock, two INTERPOL agents.

The end?

"Demolition Daddy" is a phenomenal debut for Blake with an all-star cast, great sex, clever storyline and thumping music. The technical aspects are superb -- Max Ferrari's videography and Andrew Rosen's editing enhance the dark theme -- but never distract. Unfortunately, we probably won't be seeing Blue Blake in front of the camera any time soon, but "Demolition Daddy" makes it clear that he'll be behind the scenes -- successfully -- for many years to come

Hot frat brothers get things heated up when Paul Carrigan and his housemates Lee Hassel,Rick Brock,Chaz Carlton start pledging new members. It's hot action for all at the frat house!

Older men more experienced with big hard cocks to please.
What every horny young guy wants � a real man!

Experience a Marine base like no other in Paul Barresi's "Freshmen Recruits" and march into the year's hottest all-male military meatfest...Where smokin' sex, down 'n dirty dialogue and a passion-pumped, pud-pounding plot scorch the screen in spewing splendor!

GOOD FELLAS/BADFELLAS features porn legends Jamie Gillis.
Directed by the legendary Paul Barresi.
This video is the nearest gay porn ever got to mainstream.It was nominated for best gay video of 1997 and was reviewd by manshots magazine as" a masterpiece!!!
One of the best 20 gay videos of all times!!! absolutley the best video of 1997!!!"
-Jerry Douglas. Manshot Magazine.

By day they dream of fame...By night they dance naked to pay the bills.
They're like a million hot guys in Gotham who love the bright light and the footlights...But can't seem to escape the redlight.
Fame...It's a lot like the other four letter word that begins with F.

A football team decides to cool down by heating things up in the locker room! Asses getting plugged with fat meat, smooth beefy studs clad in nothing but tube socks and a towel putting the lick on sweaty bods.


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